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21 Best Food Waste Apps (Save money and reduce food waste)

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In today’s post, I’m going to share with you some food waste apps you can use to save money on your grocery shopping and live a more sustainable life.

In fact, these zero waste apps have helped me reduce the amount of food that end in the compost.

So if you’re sick of checking your social media, you will enjoy scrolling through this list.

In this guide I will classify the apps I have use personally on my phone as shown in the table below:

Cut Food WasteBuy food at a discountGive Away Extra Food
OlioToo Good To GoFeed It Forward
MealBoardResQ Club
KitcheMisfits Market
Waste No FoodImperfect Foods
Fridge Night
Apps to reduce food waste

Food Waste apps to Track and Prevent Food Waste


  • Location: Worldwide
  • Price: Free

Olio is a remarkable app that helps tackle food waste at both the individual and community levels.

Key Features:

  • OLIO facilitates you to share surplus food and other items within local communities.
  • You can post or browser listings of unwanted food and items for free.

2. Too Good To Go

  • Location: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • Payment methods: credit cards, you can also pay via PayPal and Google Pay

Too Good To Go is a popular app that connects you with local restaurants, cafes, and bakeries to purchase surplus food at discounted prices.

Key Features:

  • Too Good To Go allows to get surplus food from restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and other food establishments that would otherwise go to waste.
  • You can purchase meal deals from participating food establishments at significantly discounted prices.
  • Browse nearby food establishment and place orders using your mobile phone.
  • The exact content is not revealed until you pick them up.
  • Too Good To Go emphasizes the environmental benefits of reducing food waste.

3. NoWaste

  • Location: Worldwide
  • Price: Free

NoWaste is an all-in-one app designed to help you reduce food waste through effective management of their kitchen inventory.

Key Features:

  • You are able to track and manage the expiry dates of food items.
  • The app will send you reminders of upcoming expiry dates.
  • You receive recipe ideas and suggestions based on the ingredients you have.
  • Possibility to integrate your shopping lists with NoWaste, to help you purchase only the necessary items.

4. FoodKeeper

  • Location: Worldwide
  • Price: Free

FoodKeeper is an excellent app to provide you with accurate information on food storage guidelines and expiration dates.

Key Features:

  • It was developed by the USDA to provide users with essential information to ensure food safety and prevent unnecessary waste.
  • I like that FoodKeeper helps users track the shelf life of their food items. There is a function to set reminders within the app.
  • FoodKeeper will alert you of any recalls or safety issues related to specific food products.
  • If you need seasonal information on fruits, vegetables, and other food items, you have that option in the app.
  • FoodKeeper provides guidance on the best storage methods for different types of food.

5. MealBoard

  • Location: Worldwide
  • Price: Free

MealBoard is a versatile app that helps users plan meals, create shopping lists, and track their food inventory.

Key Features:

  • The app has a robust recipe management, pantry tracking, and meal planning.
  • MealBoard provides nutritional information for recipes and meals.
  • MealBoard generates smart grocery lists based on selected recipes.
  • MealBoard enables you to save money by optimizing your food usage and minimize waste.

6. ShareWaste

  • Location: Worldwide
  • Price: Free

ShareWaste is a unique app that connects people who have organic waste with local composters.

Key Features:

  • ShareWaste connects people who have excess organic waste with those who can use it for composting or feeding animals.
  • You can search for waste receivers or providers based on your geographical location.
  • ShareWaste promotes and encourages sustainable practices such as composting and animal feeding.

This app empowers individuals to actively participate in the circular economy and make a positive environmental impact.

7. FoodPrint

  • Location: Worldwide
  • Price: Free

FoodPrint is an app that offers personalized meal planning, recipe suggestions, and shopping lists to help you reduce food waste.

Key Features:

  • Personalized recommendations based on your preferences and dietary needs.
  • FoodPrint allows users to track and measure the carbon footprint of their food consumption.
  • The app provides practical tips and strategies to reduce food waste.
  • FoodPrint offers comprehensive guides and resources on various sustainable eating practices, such as plant-based diets, organic farming, and local sourcing.

8. Kitche

  • Location: Worldwide
  • Price: Free

Kitche is an app that simplifies food waste reduction by helping you track your food inventory, receive expiration date notifications, and get recipe ideas based on available ingredients.

Key Features:

  • I appreciate that Kitche allows users to easily track and manage their food inventory.
  • If you want to receive timely reminders about upcoming expiry dates, the app will do it for you.
  • Kitche offers recipe suggestions based on the ingredients available in the user’s inventory.
  • You can create shopping lists directly in the app.
  • Kitche facilitates food sharing and donation by connecting users with local food banks, charities, and community organizations.

9. Waste No Food

  • Location: Worldwide
  • Price: Free

Waste No Food is an app that connects food businesses and non-profits to redistribute surplus food and reduce waste.

Key Features:

  • You can set the app to send you real-time updates on available food offers or donations.
  • Waste No Food utilizes geolocation technology to match food donors with nearby organizations in need.
  • The app streamlines the process of food pickup by providing clear instructions and contact information.
  • Waste No Food tracks and measures the amount of food saved through its platform.

10. Fridgely

  • Location: Worldwide
  • Price: Free

Fridgely is a food waste app to help you prevent food waste by providing alerts when food is close to expiring.

Key Features:

  • Fridgely helps you keep track the expiry dates of food items.
  • The app sends alerts when food items are approaching their expiry dates.
  • Fridgely provides recipe recommendations based on the ingredients available in your fridge.
  • The app allows you to scan the barcodes of food items to estimate the expiration date.
  • Another cool feature of this app is that you can share your food inventory with family members or roommates, ensuring everyone is aware of what needs to be used.

11. Flashfood

  • Location: Canada
  • Price: Free

Flashfood is a remarkable app that allows users to purchase surplus food items from grocery stores at heavily discounted prices.

Key Features:

  • The app provides real-time updates to browse and select available discounted food items.
  • You are able to buy individual items or create customized bundles based on your preferences and needs.
  • Flashfood enables you to pick up your purchased food items from designated pickup locations.

This app’s win-win approach benefits both consumers and the environment by providing affordable food options and reducing food waste.

12. Karma

  • Location: Sweden, United Kingdom and France
  • Price: Free

If you want to purchase surplus food from local restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores at discounted prices, Karma is a food waste app of choice.

Key Features:

  • Real-time updates on available food items.
  • Order and pay for their selected food items through the app.
  • The opportunity to purchase unsold food items at a discounted price.
  • Karma helps reduce food waste while providing users with affordable and high-quality food options.

13. ResQ Club

  • Location: Sweden, Finland, Estonia, and Germany
  • Price: Free
  • Payment methods: debit, credit, MobilePay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

ResQ Club is an app that connects users with nearby restaurants and cafes to purchase surplus food at reduced prices.

Key Features:

  • Food items are typically offered at a 50% discount from regular prices.
  • You can browse through the options and select the most suitable offer.
  • Unlike traditional food delivery apps, ResQ orders are ready for immediate pickup.
  • Users have the flexibility to grab their meals on the go as they pass by the participating restaurant, café, or grocery store.

14. Feeding Forward

  • Location: Toronto (Canada)
  • Price: Free

Feed It Forward app allows anyone to share excess food with those who would appreciate it.

Key Features:

  • You can access a list and map to see who is giving away food in your area.
  • The app provides filtering options to customize your search based on distance and dietary restrictions.
  • To share food, you can create a post with details and an image of the item you are giving away.
  • Individuals interested in the food can then reach out to arrange a pickup time and location.

15. ShareTheMeal

  • Location: Worldwide
  • Price: Free

ShareTheMeal is an innovation project within United Nations World Food Programme, allowing users to donate meals to children in need with just a few taps on their smartphones.

This app provides a direct and tangible way for users to make a positive impact and support those facing food insecurity.

16. Phenix

  • Location: France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Hong Kong, Luxemburg, Germany, and the Netherlands
  • Price: Free

With Phenix app you to save discarded products from local businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants, and bakeries.

Key Features:

  • Unsold food is made available through themed baskets.
  • You can choose from a variety of products that would otherwise be discarded.
  • Sellers provide a description of what is available and the pickup window.
  • The app allows customers to set alerts for immediate notifications when relevant offers are posted.

17. Misfits Market

  • Location: USA (except Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Price: Free

Misfits Market is a food waste app that aims to combat food waste by rescuing and delivering “ugly” and surplus produce directly to consumers’ doorsteps.

Key Features:

  • There is a subscription service to receive deliveries of discounted food items.
  • Focuses on reducing food waste by sourcing produce that may not meet the strict cosmetic standards of traditional grocery stores.
  • The app helps to minimize the amount of food that goes to waste due to aesthetic reasons.

18. Imperfect Foods

  • Location: USA
  • Price: Free

Imperfect Foods is not strictly a waste app, but rather a grocery delivery service that aims to reduce food waste by offering a variety of imperfect or surplus food items to consumers.

Key Features:

  • Through their subscription-based model, Imperfect Foods delivers a curated selection of groceries.
  • Imperfect Foods sources products that may not meet traditional industry standards due to cosmetic imperfections.

19. Geev

  • Location: Worldwide
  • Price: Free with advertisement
  • Geev+ or Geev Unlimited for a monthly, biannual, or annual subscription fee to remove advertisements

Geev is a food waste app that provides a platform for individuals to share and give away their excess food to others in need.

Key Features:

  • Through the Geev app, you can easily post listings of the food items for donation, including details and photos.
  • Others in the local community can then browse these listings and connect with the donors to arrange for pickup or delivery.
  • The app provides users with the opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals who are passionate about reducing food waste and supporting those who are facing food insecurity.
  • Geev has additional functionalities such as the ability to filter food listings based on dietary restrictions and preferences.

20. Fridge Night

Hellmann’s developed the Fridge Night app to combat food waste by encouraging consumers to use up the food in their refrigerators before it spoils and goes to waste.

Key Features:

  • Through the app you get flexible recipes and tracking features.
  • Provides rewards to users who commit to one “fridge night” per week and reduce their food waste.

21. Nosh

Nosh is a food waste app that will help you track the expiry or use-by dates of food items.

Key Features:

  • The app categorizes items with color coding for easy reference
  • Additionally, the app provides recipes based on the ingredients users already have.
  • Nosh also provides a feature called “Nosh Shop” where you can buy discounted food from local shops and sellers.

Nosh keeps users updated with the latest news, trends, and deals in the food industry through its “Nosh Daily” feature.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the app that saves food waste?

Apps such as Olio, NoWaste, FoodKeeper and Too Good To Go are examples of food waste apps that help save food waste by offering various features such as redistribution, discounted purchases, and sharing with those in need.

2. Is there an app to keep track of leftovers?

Yes, an example of an app that helps users keep track of leftovers is the Fridgely or Fridge Night apps.

The app sends alerts when food is close to expiring and allows users to scan barcodes to identify items and estimate their expiration dates, ensuring that they can use their leftovers before they go to waste.

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